Rowing is a very good fitness activity. It burns nearly the same amount of calories per hour as does cross-country skiing—the best aerobic activity. Rowing strengthens your upper and lower body as well as your heart muscle. The motion of rowing is not hard on the joints, therefore the sport can be continued throughout your life, with little injury. For the competitive rowers, who are driving their shells as fast as possible, to the non-competitive, recreational rower, who enjoys the challenge of achieving the perfect stroke, or the tranquility of an early morning of bird watching, joining a local rowing club is a great way to start.

Clubs in Iowa

Des Moines Rowing Club, Des Moines

The Des Moines rowing club is a self supported organization composed primarily of master rowers and an expanding number of collegiate and junior rowers. We host one of the oldest regattas in the midwest and are open to guest rowers from other clubs. Each year we introduce new rowers to the sport with a season long novice training program.

Drake University, Des Moines

Women’s varsity rowing program

Iowa State University, Ames

Men’s and Women’s collegiate program

Hawkeye Community Rowing, Iowa City

University of Iowa, Iowa City

Women varsity rowing

University of Iowa Men’s Rowing, Iowa City

Men’s club rowing


Augustana College, Rock Island

Two Rivers YMCA, Moline