We’re working out a few small details concerning the specific Para Singles events. Other events have been solidified.

7:00Coaches and Coxes Meeting
18:30WB2XWomen’s Club Double
28:30WM2XWomen’s Master Double
38:30WG2XWomen’s Grand Master Double (50+)
48:30WJ2XWomen’s Junior Double
58:50MO4+Men’s Open 4
68:50MM4+Men’s Master 4
79:00MO1XMen’s Open Single
89:00MM1XMen’s Master Single
99:00MG1XMen’s Grand Master Single (50+)
109:20XJ4XMixed Junior Quad
119:30XN8+Mixed Novice 8
129:40WC2XWomen’s Collegiate Double
139:55WJ8+Women’s Junior 8
1410:05WM4+Women’s Master 4
1510:05WCN4+Women’s Collegiate Novice 4
1610:05WBN4+Women’s Club Novice 4
10:10Break for traffic
1710:25WC8+Women’s Collegiate 8
1810:35WC4XWomen’s Collegiate Quad
1910:35WM4XWomen’s Master Quad
2010:35WB4XWomen’s Club Quad
2110:45XO2XMixed Open Double
2210:45XM2XMixed Master Double
2310:45XG2XMixed Grand Master Double (50+)
2410:45XJ2XMixed Junior Double
2510:55XJ4+Mixed Junior 4
2610:55XN4+Mixed Novice 4
2711:10MM8+Men’s Master 8
2811:10MN8+Men’s Novice 8
2911:20WC1XWomen’s Collegiate Single
3011:35WM8+Women’s Master 8
3111:35WB8+Women’s Club 8
3211:45MO2XMen’s Open Double
3311:45MM2XMen’s Master Double
3411:45MG2XMen’s Grand Master Double (50+)
3511:45MJ2XMen’s Junior Double
11:50Break for Lunch and Traffic
TBD12:15TBDPara Singles (specifics TBD)
3612:35MJ4+Men’s Junior 4
3712:45WB1XWomen’s Club Single
3812:45WM1XWomen’s Master Single
3912:45WG1XWomen’s Grand Master Single (50+)
4012:45WJ1XWomen’s Junior Single
4112:45WN1XWomen’s Novice Single
4212:45WR1XWomen’s Rec Single
431:05WC4+Women’s Collegiate 4
441:20MO4XMen’s Open Quad
451:20MM4XMen’s Master Quad
461:20MJ4XMen’s Junior Quad
471:30MO2-Men’s Open Pair
481:30MM2-Men’s Master Pair
491:45XO4+Mixed Open 4
501:45XM4+Mixed Master 4
511:55MN4+Men’s Novice 4
522:05WCN8+Women’s Collegiate Novice 8
2:10Break for Traffic
532:25XM4XMixed Master Quad
542:35MO8+Men’s Open 8
552:35MJ8+Men’s Junior 8
562:45WBN8+Women’s Club Novice 8
572:55WB4+Women’s Club 4
582:55WJ4+Women’s Junior 4
593:05MJ1XMen’s Junior Single
603:05MN1XMen’s Novice Single
613:05MR1XMen’s Rec Single
623:15WC2-Women’s Collegiate Pair
633:15WM2-Women’s Master Pair
643:30XO4XMixed Open Quad
653:30WJ4XWomen’s Junior Quad
663:45XO8+Mixed Open 8
673:45XM8+Mixed Master 8
683:45XJ8+Mixed Junior 8
TBD4:15TBDPara Singles (specific TBD)