Trophy Winners

Each year we award beautiful trophies donated to the club by Josephs Jewelers. Here is who won our travelling trophies this year:
Total Points Cup: Minneapolis Rowing Club
Collegiate Points Cup: University of Iowa Women’s and Men’s Crews
Fastest Time of Day: 15:37:14: Minneapolis Rowing Club
Women’s 8 Trophy: 16:58:92: University of Iowa Women’s Crew
Karin Wiburg Men’s Open 4: 15:37:98 Minneapolis Rowing Club
Doug Argent Women’s Open 4: 18:49:51 University of Iowa Women’s Crew
Novice Men: 19:11:18 Washington University
Novice Women Plaque: 19:15: 24 University of Iowa Women’s Crew
Fastest Junior Time of Day: 16:56:23 Y Quad Cities (Farrell/Tinsdale)
Fastest Junior Women’s Time of Day: 19:55:09 Y Quad Cities (Heiderscheit/Walsh)
David Lynch Men’s Sculling Plaque: 18:16:97 Minneapolis Rowing Club (Johnson),
Julia Martinusen Women’s Sculling Plaque: 20:58:28 Y Quad Cities (Sharis)