Hospitality Viewing Area

Situated above the gut of the Des Moines River, this viewing area is a perfect spot to see crews approaching and then heading toward the finish.

If you are looking for a comfortable place to watch boats racing up the river, this is the spot for you. Between 9AM and 4PM you will be able to view a constant flow of boats as they work their way downstream to the start line and then race in the upstream lane.
Conveniently located across and down the river from Prospect Park, this area will afford you a bird’s-eye view of the boats as they focus their efforts for the surge to the end of the race. Join some of our seasoned rowers, who will be on hand to answer questions you have about how rowers work to position themselves for a potential medal. They can explain why, “The crew that’s making it look easy is most likely the one doing the best job”.
If you want a break from the activity of Prospect Park where the boats launch and land, this spot is a 5 minute drive away. If you want to ride your bike, we are located on the bike trail that connects Birdland Marina to Saylorville. If you are driving from Downtown Des Moines, you can park immediately West of 6th Ave. at Corning Ave. (Think River View Park or North High School.)
Please bring a blanket or lawn chair and join us for light refreshments. Sunscreen or bug spray are complimentary. We would love to see you at our tent.

Much of the footage of the 2015 Head of the Des Moines Regatta shot by Iowa Public Television is from the Hospitality Tent.